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Universal NOBLE Wireless Modem 3.75G (7.2MB/S) With WIFI -White


  • HSUPA DL:7.2Mbps;UL:5.76Mbps
  • HSDPA DL:7.2Mbps;UL:384Kbps
  • LED indication Support Voice and SMS
  •  plug and play auto installation
  • Memory T-Flash, UP to 32GB, Usb interface

 Universal Modem is based on the protocol of NOBLE/UMTS, which is wireless terminal device using NOBLE/UM TS-technology.The Universal Modem not only can offer the good SMS service to customers, but also can offer high speed packet data service. Support download speed up to 7.2Mbps upload speedup to 384Kbps It is the best choice for businessman

Users can enjoy wireless network, SMS and other application under coverage of NOBLE/UMTS network. Users can experience higher speed,more reliable performance and more convenient operation characteristics

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