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Laptop Notebook Key Lock – 1 Metre Length


  • 1 Metre Length. Set your personal Combination numbers by follow steps on Manual. Ideal for use at Library or cafe.
  • Connector Type : Key Lock
  • Ideal for use at Library or cafe
  • Designed to secure most notebooks, projectors, LCD and Plasma Screens

– 6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable.
– Cable comes with 2 lock keys as an alternative spare
– Works with all notebooks, desktops, docking stations with built in standard security locking slot hole.
– The T-bar mechanism bar allows popular utilization of this lock.
– Protect your Laptop/Notebook computer and its valuable data with this affordable computer lock. 
-Determine if your laptop is compatible with a laptop lock by looking on the side or back of your computer to see if it has a Universal Security Slot (USS). The USS is a round hole that is typically located on the side of your laptop, but may also be located on the back of some models. 
-Unpack your laptop lock from the packaging and remove the twist tie around the cord. 
-Attach the security cord to a stationary object by wrapping the cord around a thin portion of that object and inserting the lock through the looped end of the cable. A heavy table or desk leg works well for this purpose. Make sure the stationary object you choose is heavy enough that a thief can not easily lift it to remove the security cord. 
-Push the head of the laptop lock firmly into the Universal Security Slot (USS) until you hear a click. 
-Remove the lock by using the key. Insert the key directly into the back of the laptop lock and twist the key. 
-This will unlock the lock and allow you to remove it from your computer

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