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F&K Laptop Cable Lock


  • Ideal computer laptop notebook accessory
  • T-bar lock provides superior theft protection
  • Protect your notebook computer and its valuable data with this affordable security product
  • 1.5 meter of cut-resistant,
    galvanized steel cable that loops around any secure object and easily
    attaches to your notebook’s lock slot
  • Package includes : 1 galvanized steel cable 2 keys


notebook lock for plating wire line,
steel materials produced, The whole lock body making choiceness, use safety,
carry light. Safe and reliable. Suitable for all notebook computer use, also
can be used in the suitcase, the projector, etc.

 Second, method of
use: Only when using the steel wire is fixed to the fixation, lock body
from the noose on their notebook, received the lock, lock notebook SuoTou will
ensure security, preventing the master didn’t notice when taken by others of

 Three, suitable groups: Carry
notebook work outside, have a notebook travel frequently, in the office,
collective dormitory using laptop computers, laptops vendors, laptop display,
etc. May good prevent notebook stolen away.

display. May well prevent the laptop, projector

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