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Digital Optical Cable 1.5m( Black)


  • Enables easy installation of audio components to your audio or home theater system

  • Digital optical cable constructed with durable black PVC outer
    layer and corrosion-resistant gold-plated connectors for optimal signal

  • Precision-polished optical connectors allow maximum signal
    transfer accuracy. Specially optimized optical fiber for higher fidelity

Optical audio connection carries a digital audio stream using a
fiber-optic cable. It is perfect for connecting your audio devices such
as CD/DVD players to a receiver, preamplifier or audio processor.
Toslink cable allows enjoyment of movies with Dolby Digital® and DTS®
surround sound. It helps connect audio components such as CD/DVD player,
digital satellite and more to your home/audio theater system,
preamplifier, receiver, audio processors and digital-to-analog
converters (DACs). Optical fiber & precision-polished optical
connectors provides crystal clear sound. The Lightweight and flexible
BlueRigger Toslink cable is made of up of a durable PVC outer layer. It
has gold-plated connectors that resist corrosion and offer optimal
signal transfer. It uses an optical fiber cable that prevents
electromagnetic and radio frequency noise leaving you with greater sonic
accuracy and a more detailed, natural sound unlike an electrical cable.

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