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Computer dust cover for 17-19 Inch flat panel LCD-silky smooth anti-static vinyl forTower cpu

KShs2,000.00 KShs1,400.00

  • designed for desktop cpu

  • protect
    against moisture, these covers are manufactured from an advanced
    silky-smooth antistatic copolymer that is pliable, good looking and
    moisture resistant. This means your expensive monitors can remain dust,
    moisture and static free while LOOKING GOOD AND LASTING LONGER.

  • YOU DON’T WANT UGLY PROTECTION. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at
    the silky-smooth feel and visual appeal of medium blue trim against the
    milky white cover. Like warm coconut oil against a tropical sky.

  • SIZE: (17W x18H x3D) Fits many 17- 19″ LCD Monitors, Several monitor cover sizes available to ensure a good fit

NO MORE STRESSING about the wear and tear of dust and other
contaminants on your high-end monitor displays, or worrying about the
unpredictable bathroom habits of pets, or kids. These covers will keep
your screen clean and extend the life of your equipment, giving you
peace of mind and protecting your reputation.

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